Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chicks & Chicken

Helo. Quite awhile ago me and mervyn had quite an interesting conversation. Here's how it went... well smth like that... I don't have like super power memory la k!
We were on our way to uni when we started talking about Rabbit Fun Land. It's like some kinda rabbit place in semenyih la.

Wykit: Hey the Rabbit Fun Land place not bad ah. Still surviving.

Merv: Huh? How u know?

Wykit: There.. they put up some new banner wei..

Merv: Wow? Really? But that place like not so nice lor...

Wykit: Wat u mean not so nice? O.o

Merv: Nolaaa, what i mean is, cause when u go there u play with the baby rabbits. Then after that u eat rabbit satay there. Not nice la.

Wykit: Yeaa.. But u go and play with chicks, then after that u eat chicken rite? Same laaa.

Merv: .....

Okay okay. If u didn't get the meaning of that. Means you're still clean. Good boy/girl. XD

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brighter Days

Life seems to better now. The fridge is working. The internet is working. The proposal is done.
However i think Dr. Selvan's gonna kick my arse when he finds out im still playing sports 2 hours a day XD.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Something Funny...

Hello peeps. As usual i ran out of ideas to blog. So I'll go back to posting funny things i find on the internet XD. Never seems to fail me.

p.s. All this is from d email, even the caption written.

WARNING! Parental guidance might be needed!

You need permission for everything

Fight fire with fire

I think that's what my wife has been using

Not even pie will work

As early as 2 years old

Stating the obvious

And stop staring at the trees too!

I think that was a "screw you" sign

Hey, you gotta do your part!

I told you they had those supplies

Make it look like an accident...

We can't afford to have careless accidents

Maybe once or twice a week is enough

Can I see the Head Manager then?

Stop calling me Batman!

Translation means "Please do not park on bicyclists at all times"

I wouldn't dare

Today will be ready tomorrow

We don't even know what type of vegetable!

Ten times less freaky than the one who ate my fingernails

The steak tastes like rubber

You'll block the traffic

Oh btw the email was sent to me by my fren, Shi Minn. The funny part is i asked him if i can have a pic of him to post on my blog cause he was the one who sent me the email and i wanna acknowledge him. I asked him if he has a funny pic or a stupid pic of himself. Guess what? He gave me a pic which says "Stupid pic then". Haha

Stupid pic then... ? o.O

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rain down on me... I mean literally

It's raining, it's pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed and bumped his head
And couldn't get up in the morning

Woohooo i still remember my nursery ryhmes. XD

Anyway, i went to church on sat only to get a shock of my life la. As i was getting nearer to church, the road was full of rubbish and brances. I looked out my window and see people cleaning their cars. At first i didn't think much and continued driving. However when i got down of the car i saw ppl cleaning the church. I was like O.o Got church cleaning ka?? Haha. I soon found out that the church was flooded. AND I MEAN FLOODED.

Apparently it was like until waist deep. w00t. And who said church was boring. It's happening la okay!! Too bad i didnt get a pic of it when it was actually flooded cause i got there late. But it's a good thing because i got there late, my car was spared XD. Poor alwin and john's car was totally soaked. Anyway being the 'enthusiastic' blogger that i am, i quickly took pictures instead of helping out.

Here's alwin cleaning up his car

Okay... if you're wondering where Alwin is... Instead of properly cleaning up his car...

He decided to come pose for the camera

And as if one pose is not enough... He decided to do another one..

However, what's worst than posing twice for a picture is his cousin here...

If you're wondering what's wrong... take a closer look....
The fella happily reading book la!!

The next victim of the flood was John's car. Poor fella's car was soaking wet man. But what's dumb it is that John went and sat on his car and ended up getting his bons wet too. Then he came to me and ask me if he can tumpang my car. And you wonder why he calls himself johnbons huh. I think he's got an IQ of like 20? Hoho.

Here's a picture his car

Doesn't seem all that bad u say? Actually what was bad is his hair cut.
Even his poor brother couldn't get over the trauma yet.

And i tell the worst part was that i found this on his car
Our dear 'sister', sorry to say but we have lost you....

Okay okay enough about the cars. I bet you guys wanna know what happened to our church rite? When i went there the water level was already kinda low. Anyway here's some pics.

Doesn't look all that bad from outside. Yet.

From the door u can see for yourself the damage

Main sanctuary was flooded straight

Well i have to say that it was something we had not expected. But who knows that this disaster might bring about something better? What the enemy meant for evil, God can turn it around for good (Gen 50:20). Woohooo so a new re-structure of our main sanctuary? Can't wait!

Anyway here's the picture of the day

Our dear JC's picture kena flood also la. Haha. Poor fella.

Are you ready to B.U.R.N??

That was for our Youth Camp 06. Don't miss this years youth camp!!
Haha can't believe im still able to promote youth camp here.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Dear readers,

Life's bringing me to a low point once again. Times are hard again. If i could i'd rather be someplace else honestly. Sigh. But back to reality, im still here. I want a home, not a house. I'm sorry to all those out there reading this. If u don't wanna feel all emo-ish and crappy i suggest u stop reading now.

This aint one of those posts where I put funny things and pictures. This is only gonna be words from my heart. And please don't ask me what's going on after reading this. I know it's stupid to put it here if no one's gonna be able to ask me. But it's my blog and i get to do whatever i want with it. So yea, don't ask.

Uni started and i've gotten my Final Year Project. 'Metamaterials'. Have no clue about it. Guess i've gotta read more. Anyone know a library i can go to? Please let me know cause im kinda desperate at the moment. I really wanna try my best for this project instead of relying on my group members all the time. Yea, sux i know.

Really not in the mood for anything right now. I know youth camp's just around the corner. I guess this kinda times are kinda to be expected? Really hope to hit 80 campers this year. I have a strong believe in my heart that that's gonna happen. Don't miss out guys. It's gonna be really really REALLY fun. If u think it's just one of those boring christian thingy, you're wrong! LIKE TOTALY WRONG!

Oh well, enough emo talk from me. Goin to bed then goin back to the jungle once again. I hope they've installed streamyx in my house already. I love you guys out there.