Friday, October 30, 2009

King of Pop

As you all know, the cute lil' young Michael Jackson...

Grew into a teenage boy...

And then he turned into a white guy...

Okay no, I'm just kidding here. But if u think about it, he did turn white!

And then. HE DIED.

Okay okay, what im getting at is this. Michael Jackson died just out of a sudden during one of his final rehearsals before the friggin big, come back concert. Tickets were all sold out like immediate after they were released. BUT, think about it, after he died, his CD sales had skyrocketed, and even his latest movie, "This Is It", is getting alot of attention.

Have you ever thought, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, his death was all just a scheme.


Michael never really did die. It was all just a set up to raise lotsa money for him cause, if i was not mistaken, he was gonna be bankcrupt? Correct me if im wrong here. Either way, it was a scheme to earn lotsa money after his downfall.

Every night i go to bed thinking, what if suddenly tomorrow, Michael just appears outta no where, and he ISN'T DEAD?!?! WOW. Now that'll be something wouldn't it.

Michael' go like "OH YEAH IM BACK!"

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Oh man... do i really have to change it??? =(

Friday, October 23, 2009

You ain't no black

Was having a chat with Kai Jen

jen says:
ya la
sad man
but the best i've felt was really last weds
best i've felt in 2 yrs
tgwkt [34] too much to do, too little time says:
haha ur knee and butt better
but ur stomach worst la
have to compensate la i guess since u aint young no more
jen says:
yea yea
but its all in the mind sometimes
michael jordan quit at 42
karl malone was 41
tgwkt [34] too much to do, too little time says:
dei, how u wanna compare to them
they blacks summore
jen says:
kareem abdul jabba also around 41
i'm black too bro
tgwkt [34] too much to do, too little time says:
must copy and paste that in my blog la
jen says:
eh.. dont ar


Blood Donation?

Middle of this week, there was a blood donation drive. A bus load of nurses came to my uni and set up an area for students and staffs to donate their blood.

I was thinking of donating la, since I've never done it before and i wanna know my blood type.
But then while talking to a fren who donated, i decided not to. I was damn shocked la when i saw his hand full of bruises. He said the nurse couldnt find his vein and had to keep pocking him. =.=

Still wanna donate??

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My good friend, Alwin...

So i just got back from Bukit Tinggi. Went up there for Servant Leader's Retreat and Planning. I must say it was nice to get away from the busy life of KL for a chance, even if it was for a night. =)

During the meeting though, i managed to get some interesting pictures of Alwin. This fella just kenot sit still wan. Always must play something to keep awake, otherwise he'll just sleep.

For example...



He even manage to find time to make this...
( Made out of playdough, not bad huh.
Well i guess that's to be expected seeing that all he thinks about is food =P )

And when he runs out of energy...

Haha, one last thing..

Remember to SMILE!

p.s. I love you ALWIN!!!! XD

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stop asking me the same question!

Wassup!! Finally an update. Due to the fact that I'm getting pretty irritated with everyone asking me the same question. But still, it IS an UPDATE.

See this picture?
This is my display pic on my msn, which of course i cropped to make it fit. But my point is, eveyone's asking me if im the guy with the glasses with his mouth wide open with his girl.

Dang, im the awesome one with my butt sticking out and head below my erm... between my legs. Okay??
So stop asking me if im the guy wif she sunnies.

Btw, i think i like butt shots.

p.s. I think i'll be updating my blog regularly from now onwards too.

Peace Out.