Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My brain juice to blog has magically vanished.
Someone inspire me please =/

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Youth Camp 2008

Hey guys! And gals!

It's that time of year again! FCT YOUTH CAMP is coming really soon.

Date: 13-17th December 2008

Place: Harvest Haven, Perak

Speaker: Ps. Brian Ranjan

Im posting up the registration forms here. Just click on it to enlarge.

P.S. Early bird's who register by 16th November will only be charged RM205 instead of the normal price RM220.

Fly ,Sparrow, Fly

This post is dedicated to a bird. But not just any kind of bird. It's dedicated to a sparrow bird!

"Hi. I'm sparrow"

Sorry la my photoshop skills not good. Actually i don't even have photoshop skills. So i use paint instead. That's y it turned out damn sux laaa. Sorry dansen that u have to look like that. Haha

Well if you're wondering y in the world did i put that pic... And before u start spamming my cbox *this is a subtle hint to the spammers out there to stop spamming my cbox* My buddy dansen, happens to be a sparrow. So if u just do the math....

(Edited here. Su Yi gave me a better pic)

Okay okay back to the serious side, Dansen a.k.a. sparrow is gonna leave for US on the 20th Sept. Damn im gonna miss u boy. U've been a great friend. Actually more than a friend. You've been like a brother to me man. We joke, we laugh, we cry (did we? i think we did), we danced, we did alot of stuff together. You better take good care of yourself in the land of the free cause i wanna see u back here in one piece!! And u better not be acting like no Black when i see u.

I think i've known u for like erm... 5 years? yes? Who cares man, feels like i've known you for ages. We've gone through many things together. Through the hard times, and through the good times. It was a pleasure serving along side u my brother.

U can be sure I'm gonna miss u for countless reasons....

I'm gonna miss holding u

I'm gonna miss kissing u

I'm gonna miss sitting on u

Sigh... just thinking about it gets me all teary man :'( . And the things we used to do together, Who's gonna do those with me when you're gone?

Who's gonna somersault with me?

Who's gonna be my superhero?

Who's gonna wash the dishes?

Who's gonna eh?!?! Okay... I don't know wat's goin on here...

Anyway bra, u take good care of yourself man. This whole post is dedicated to you. Spread your wings and Fly, Sparrow, Fly.

p.s. The reason he's called sparrow is because he kicks the ball high into the air when playing football as if he's trying to kill sparrows in the sky. Thus the nick name "Sparrow".

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

thwenthy wannn

ayam ohfihchialli thwenthy wannn and lehgahl =D

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And there she was...

She came to my house without me even knowing her.

It was a Saturday night.

The date was 06/09/08.

When i first saw her, i fell in love.

Without a doubt she was the one for me.

There was no mistaking it.

The first time i held her in my arms there was no separating us.

Even now as im writing this she's here in my room with me.

My heart just cant stop beating everytime i feast my eyes on her.

Here's my lovely new girlfriend's picture....

If u think that looks like Nelly Furtado... You're absolutely right!
Give yourself a pat on your back!

Okay okay, don't wanna keep u in suspense.. Here's my new girlfriend

Okay, right now if u're still wondering if your eyes are playing tricks on you..
Don't worry, they're not cause that really is my new girlfriend.

Here she is sitting so nicely on my table... OOhh la la

As all girls like doing, my girlfriend likes cam whoring too..

She will be by my side till I die..

or until she dies XD

Okay okay if u felt cheated of your 5 minutes reading about my so called "girlfriend", here's something interesting. Haha

U know everytime u gotta do your important business? And u really really cant wait? But after u accomplished your task, u found out u couldnt get rid of the unwanted stuff? And u change ur business chair to a new one and say to yourself "what a waste to just throw my old chair away." ?

Well fear not, u wont waste no more. The next time u change your toilet bowl a.k.a. business seat, u can use it to good use!

I saw this outside some guys house. Very innovative.

Flower pots made out of toilet bowls!! How cool is that?!?!
The best part, it even has those left over fertilizers of yours!!

Here's tim. He likes toilets. And bowls. XD

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hmm.... What's Up? Reminiscence of Life....

Wonder What's Up There?

Hey guys. Decided to write an emo post after some convincing from Edward. The fella super emo la these days and he's been talking to me about serious stuffs. How to not blog about it rite?

This is Edward btw... Psst.. He's still single.. *hint hint*
Doesn't he just look oh so lovely?

Think again!
Man, he's gonna kill me when he finds out.

Anyway, back to the serious side. Ever wondered what we're here for? Ever wondered how did it all started? How the earth came into motion? The sun, the stars, the planets, even the animals? Ever looked down from a mountain and see the beautiful scenery and smile to yourself and say "Wow! There must be something or someone who made all these. Someone so awesome, so creative, so powerful that all these could be possible." ?


YES!! YOU!! You who's reading this post now. Haha sorry bout the pic. Just had to put that =P If you haven't thought about it, it's time to give it a moment. Because i did, and it really helped. I was priviledged to be brought up in a Christian family. Since young i've been attending church, taught about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian. What a great God I serve. The God who created the earth, the God who created us humans. As i looked at the beautiful scenery from Cameron Highland's one lovely day, I just smiled to myself and said "Only You God are able to make all these."

Come to think about it, God has been faithful to me no matter what i did. During good times and even more during bad times. He's put good friends, no wait! great friends in my life.

Fren's from school. Man i look so happy here XD

Fren's from church. Spot me if u can =D

Friends from Uni

Friends who are by your side when u get caught playing truant

Fren's who are your Guardian Angel =P
We miss you Sarah Wooooooo.....

Friends who you just wanna wack up


Come to think of it, there are just too many people in my life who i want to thank and give credit for but I don't want to prolong this post. U know who u are guys and girls. I love you all very much. Aww man i think im gonna cry now :'(

But the one true friend that I always look past, the one whom i should thank the most, Jesus Christ. I thank You Lord that i can look back upon my life and smile.

Peace out (^.^)v