Friday, November 28, 2008


Not 1.

Not 2.

Not 3.

Not even 4.

But 5 ulcers?! DANG!!!

Who kissed me while i was asleep wei?!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FRIM with the Youths 22/11/08

Ahh well, since everyone's been kinda bugging me about FRIM pics ( I have no idea why cause Alwin was the one with the camera, so go bug him =D ), I shall do a short post on it. Happy?

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who came for this trip. Without you guys, it wouldn't have been as fun now would it? So yea, give yourself a pat in the back for dragging your butts to FRIM.

Well, we started off from Centrepoint 7-11. Everyone was supposedly to meet there at 7.30am. Notice I used the word 'SUPPOSEDLY'. Cause actually I was the one who was late XD. Akakaka. Eh, I don't usually go late for stuffs okay so I know u guys will forgive me rite?

Group picture before we left to FRIM.
Dang, we look as if we've conquered Mount Everest or something. LOL

Oh oh, sidetrack abit. Ever heard of the can drink called "Anything" or "Whatever"? No? It's actually a can drink, but the catch is, you won't know what's actually in it until you open and drink it. Hope you can understand what I just wrote XD. Anyway I bought one from 7-11 for RM1.90 and all I got was some crappy tea wei.

Okay back to FRIM. Well, what can I say about FRIM? I was expecting some really jungle-ish place with tall trees, maybe get to see a rafflesia flower, and wild animals roaming around.
But when I got there, it was really not exactly what I had in mind. The place was full of buildings. And I don't think I'm even exaggerating if I said half of FRIM was buildings? Bleh. But I was just glad we got there in one piece la. It was the second time I actually drove the van. Huhu.

So we reached FRIM and started our journey to look for the canopy walk deep into the jungle. When we came to like a river, suddenly someone said there was an aligator in it. And I was like wow! Maybe FRIM wasn't so bad after all. So I went to get a closer look at the alligator. Ended up it was actually just a giant fish =.=".

Bleh. Alligator konon.
If it was an alligator I bet Steve Irwin would have been here already la.
If he were still alive that is.

I don't wanna prolong this post. So I'll just get to the highlights of the outing and let the pictures do the talking.

Group Picture during the hike up.
I was half dead already cause we kept taking the wrong route.
By the time we reached the trail to the canopy walk, half the gang decided to go back down.

Well if you haven't been to the canopy walk, you really should try it.

The view is really breath-taking.

You can see the WHOLE world la.
To those of you who didn't wanna go for the canopy walk,
Do you regret now? Wahahaha. I'm so mean.

The people who went for the canopy walk + Alwin (camera man)
I salute you guys.

Edward being his monkey self

Tim getting the smack-down

R.I.P. Tim =(

Picture of the day #1

Picture of the day #2

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Huhu I LOOOVVVEEEEE this pic =D

Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 More Weeks

Till Youth Camp. I just know it's gonna be great.
But there's still quite some things left to be sorted out.
But God has his plans =)

Give us the grace to pull through.
My body is tired but my spirit is full of excitement. Hoho.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings...

You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

Day and night I think about you.

What is wrong with me?

Why can't I stop the way I'm feeling?


I just can't help myself anymore.

I really wanna tell you but I just can't say it out in words.

All I wanna say to you is in the picture below.


p.s. If you don't get it, this is a joke. I'm not referring to anyone you pea brain.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Earphone Cotton

Hi, anyone knows where i can buy the cotton for earphones? I'm really in need of one now.

p.s And please don't come and tell me to just buy new earphones. I've heard enough of that. Thanks. I JUST NEED THE COTTON.

What's That Smell?

This post is rated PG13. Parental guidance is needed for children under age 13 viewing this post.
If you don't have a parent beside you, then just wear sunglasses. Comprehendo?

Today me and merv (a.k.a emo-girl) went to the gym in the morning.
Hohoho yeap dat's right, we went to the gym.
What laaa... need to keep fit also right...

Anyway, after finishing our exercises, we went to take a shower in the bathroom. It smelled really bad la. Like some funky kinda smell which smelled... really bad la. So we were looking around trying to find out what was causing d smell or where was d smell coming from. And then we saw this.

Some monkey, came and bath here sometime before and left his stinky clothes behind. And the smell was all over d guys bathroom. I guess I know why he didn't wanna take it back, cause it stinks. And I really mean STINK.

But even if it really stank that bad, don't la go and leave behind for the whole world to smell also right? Sheesh. Anyway being the curious me, I went to take a closer look. And guess what i found?

It was an undie la. U know, undie, as in underwear? I really hope the fella didn't have to go commando though. But it's not just any undie.


Disclaimer: No puppies were hurt during the course of this post.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's goin on?

What's with Arsenal man?
Lost 2-0 to Aston Villa. Sigh

Oh well at least we beat ManU Hoho!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Yeap u read correctly. This is magic. Watch d video and be in awe and wonder k?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Am i always the bad guy?


And life goes on.

p.s U know, I actually hate posting this kinda posts, it kinda ruins my blog identity.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Love Post

Okay before your mind starts wondering off with funny thoughts about my "Love Post", this is not one of those typical posts where I express my feelings. Okay, maybe a lil' but it's not the "I love you very much and will die for you kinda" thingy here.

I've been browsing through my pictures on my laptop and I realised I have quite a number of posts which shows love. So what I decided to do was to rate the top 10 most "loving" pics here. Oh btw, obviously the pics would have me in it. XD

So we'll start from number 10 and go all the way to number 1.

*drum rolls*

#10 most loving pic
What's more loving than receiving Renoma underwear for Christmas?
John, you had better swallow your pride beb. Hoho XD

#9 most loving pic
If you're wondering what's so loving about this pic. I have one word.
If you have no idea what that means. Read this post.

#8 most loving pic
Here's a picture taken during my high school days.
Every time I look at it I'll start tearing up. Okay maybe I don't.
But it does bring back alotta memories.
Cherish your school days while u can. Seriously.
p.s I know my hair style ROX!

#7 most loving pic
This was supposed to be number 1 but because of Jin Yin,
you got moved down the ladder beb. Sorry ='(
I'll still cherish the kiss we had though.

#6 most loving pic
This pic is an interesting one. If you noticed all the other pics,
I'd be the one getting all the love.
But instead here I'm trying to spread some love to KJ.
Smile beb smile =D

#5 most loving pic
Huhu. What's more loving than having two chicks by your side?
This gets number 5!
*High Five!*

#4 most loving pic
Okay la I decided to give Dansen another chance here by
putting him at #4 just because he's all the way in US.

#3 most loving pic
Anyone for some Hershey's chocolate kissies? Hoho.

#2 most loving pic
Baby, you know you love me. I love you too. <3

#1 most loving pic
Need I say more?

p.s. I've spent more than 10 hours re-designing my blog and I'm not particularly happy about it. So please do not irritate the shit outta me cause I might get cranky this few days. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Failed Attempt

In an attempt to redesign my blog, i failed miserably. Ended up using this shitty, crappy, boring, watever-u-wanna-call-it template. Sigh. Damn Emo laaa. I wanna shut down my blog adi.
Bye people.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Stuck in the middle

Oh well, what can I say? I'm stuck in the middle of something and I don't know what i should do to get out. First of all, everyone's not making it any easier. Second of all, I don't wanna tell a lie. Interesting path life brings me.

p.s. Tim, I know ur shorty so u can stop the act brabi.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Yeap, exactly what I'm feeling now.
Don't ask why.
I'm just ranting.
Bring me to my knees again Lord.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Dear Dr. Leila, (I'm sorry but i don't even know who u are)

I don't really know how to tell u this, but you're a loser (I'm sorry!!). I think I realized it when we skinny dipped at the mental hospital (do you so happen to be a mental doctor?) and I saw you sit on my best friend (I think that would be awesome if u really did!). I'm sure you're masochistic (anyone care to explain what this means? Oh wait, maybe Dr. Leila can) enough to understand that your Honda sux (although i assume a doctor would be driving something like a BMW or a Mercedes. Maybe that's why your Honda sux?hmm...) . I'm returning the couch cushions to you, but I'll keep David's tricot outfits (someone explain this too please) . You should also know that I get sick when I think of Oprah Winfrey imitations greetings to your frog Leonard (there's some grammer error somewhere here i think).


P/S: You are so lifeless, Ugly Pig, Yee Aun.
(now that's what im talking about!! U BABI!! BABI HODOH!!)

p.p.s I'm sorry Dr. Leila if I offended you. :(

I tag pei yun