Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Have u ever met M.I.C.K.E.Y. ?

Well we all know who is he, where he lives, who's his other half (Minnie Mouse if u didn't know already, sheesh where are you from?), what's his phone number, okay fine we don't know his phone number... But heck... He's none other than... *drum rolls please*....


Weee im so excited!!! M.. I.. C.. K.. E.. Y.. M.. O.. U.. S.. E.. let's sing d song!!

Okok calm down wykit... *takes deep breath* Anyway im sure u guys are wondering why am i posting about mickey mouse... Well let's see...

1) He's so, so, so adorable

2) He's so my favourite cartoon character last time back in the days where there's no other cartoon to watch ( besides bugs bunny, daffy duck, goofy, pluto, road runner, and bunch of many others)
3) He's every child's dream fantasy (Okay that sounds kinda wrong)
4) He's MICKEY MOUSE for crying out load.. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE HIM!?!?

Okay fine.. those were a bunch of nonsense that i had just posted... The real reason that im posting about the dum dum little rascal mouse is because... *evil grin*
Scroll down and check out the pics and you'll find out... *evil grin*


Mickey Mouse...

Mickey Mouse again...


HEY!! That's not mickey!!!

Haha guess again... That's a mickey mouse wanna be. See told ya he's every child's dream fantasy. Ok fine, actually that's my bro :P AKAKKA he's so gonna kill me for this... but it's well worth it. At least you're famous now mar... u're pic's on my blog wei! And those on my blog gets famous.. i think...

Alaaa smile abit can anot?? Dun la emo emo... Sheesh...

Ahh... Now that's better...

AHHAHAHA!! Love u bra... Muaxxxie!!!

*credits to jinjinyinyin for d pics... took them from her blog*


hello there! i'm Tang Wykit.

no wait.. am i? gee, i don't even know who i am.. dang! i am seriously one confused dude. can someone please enlighten me and tell me who am i? :(

if you don't tell me, imma eat chu up, poke your eyeballs out, and bite your head off!


hahahaha. never mind that. hi, i'm actually Sarah, the dude's long lost friend. no no wait! correction, i'm his imaginary friend, from the WooWooLand. ;D

well, i happened to stumble upon his little blog here. and i thought, gee, this dude has a blog! WOW! That's like, so awesome!!! no? hahaha. so i decided to post somethin for him just to liven up this blog. or maybe not.

psst! over there! yes you! you wanna know something? don't tell him i told you this okay? he has got a deep, dark secret which he never revealed to anyone. the truth is, Wykit is GAY. sshhh.. it's our little secret. ;]

here's the proof.
dang, this is like, some "fivesome" mann! hahaha ;D

sorry sorry. don't mind me, he's not gay. just playin with ya! ;] he's very straight. he has dated about 413287549 girls in his entire 20 years. gosh! that's like, more than 2 girls each day! *gasp!*

hahahaha. ehh! i'm damn bored laa! @_@ my SPM just finished and yet, i'm sitting here in front of the computer blogging. wanna know why? coz i still have my Chinese paper next tuesday. -.-

anyway, Christmas is coming people! *shalalalala!* i can smell those candy canes, liquor chocolates and hot pies already. mMmm.. [:


right. back to the topic. uhmm.. what was the main topic again? something about Wykit right? Oo yeah. now i remember. see, he's a really quiet & shy guy. agreed? but after you get to know him, you realize that.. well.. he's.. still very shy. -.- and quiet too. but sometimes with the other dudes, he can get pretty crazy. maybe it's the sugar rush. or.. something.

he cares for others too. (does he? O_o) yeah sure he does. if you break a leg, he'd probably rush you to the hospital. if you got admitted for appendix, he'd visit you too. awwhh.. how nice of him. *cough cough*

hahahaha. aight. i think i'm done here. im outta crap already. toodles! [:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This is kinda dued but anyway since I have nothing else to blog (as usual , I don't know why..) here's a new post!


A few weeks back I received an sms which went something like this (i don't really remember exactly what was written cause I deleted it already)

Congratulations! Sim kad anda telah memenangi cek bernilai RM20,000. Sila dial +62xxxxxxxx untuk maklumat lanjut atau lawati

Well my first reaction was like "WHOA?! I won RM20k?"


Too bad no1 was beside me otherwise i would've strangled the fella cause i was so excited. But after about 5 secs, *bam* reality kicked into me. Come on, i couldn't have suddenly won a bunch of money rite? I didn't even enter any contest from Hotlink, and i usually delete the contests they send to me.

Anyway out of curiosity i decided to check if it was real. I went to and searched up and down for a sim card contest but couldnt find any. Wasted my precious 10 minutes only.

*Sniff Sniff*
So I knew it was a scam.
First of all, which fool would combine english and b.m. in a sms stating i've won something? If you've read properly, the message starts of with "Congratulations" and then continues on with b.m.

Secondly, the number which sent me the sms was +62xxxxxxxxxx (number kept private to avoid any legal thingy majingy. Okay fine i forgotten the number...). All i remembered was the front 2 numbers which was +62. I checked and that's the country code for Indonesia. Damn Indonesians trying to scam me!(Sorry my indon frens =P) I guess only Indon scammers would be dumb enough to combine B.M. and english in a message.
Thirdly, I read kennysia's blog saying that he was also sent an sms similar to this so i already had in mind that it was a scam.

Anyway im posting this to warn others out there who will received similar sms. Most of them are scams and i suggest u find out first before pursueing the $$$$.

Well gotta go hit the books now. It's week 7 already and I haven't even started revising yet...

I'm gonna be looking exactly like this --->

Thursday, November 1, 2007


This weekend there's gonna be a showdown between the top 2 EPL teams


Arsenal(WOOHOO!!) versus Man U(BOOO!!) :P

Well I myself am an arsenal fan and the only other arsenal fan i know is sooperstar (useless fella gonna watch wif his other frens leaving me alone). The rest of the world (well almost the rest) are Man U fans. It's gonna be hard watching it with so many Man U fans but what the heck.. Arsenal's gonna win anyway XD. (i hope)

Anyway the funniest part was last week when I was watching Arsenal vs Liverpool which ended in a draw 1-1 (damn fabregas missed 2 open goal! Even i could've scored.. SERIOUSLY!), half way through the match suddenly *poink* pops up....


Yeap he was watching the match in the stands... Apa ni Mr. Ferguson.. People wanna watch Arsenal vs Liverpool la, why come and show ur face pulak? I mean why would he even wanna watch the match for anyway? Well for one i know is that he's scared of Arsenal and he wants to watch their game and konon la wanna analyse and stuff. Eh please la! As if it will help!(Damn, Arsenal had better win otherwise i no face d!) I can tell im gonna get flamed by Man U fans but nvm la... thought i would just update my blog with watever i can get my hands on.
May the best team win! CHEERS!!!

p.s. Poor mervyn-emo-girl can't watch the match cause he gotta celebrate his gf's bday. Dun worry dude i'll be enjoying the match on your behalf! WOOHOO!!!