Monday, October 29, 2007

Origami Flowers

Sorry guys i know im kinda slow in updating my blog... can't really get myself to do it... Haiz...

me: Im gonna update my blog now
sarahkate: ure actually updating ure blog!!!!!!! *clap*
me: .....
sarahkate: what.. encouraging u ma

Yea rite encouraging me...more like sarcasm sarah.. :P

Anyway here's a new post :) All say YAY!


I went to sarahkate's blog and i saw dis bunch of origami flowers which chongjy made for her..

So i thought it was pretty nice la and went to ask her how he did them...
Then she straight told me "Aiya no need la, he took 3 months to do"

Eh come on la! Do i look like chong to u?! I could've easily done it in 3 days 3 hours.

But oh well... since im such a nice guy and i kept pestering her :P she offered to teach me and help me do it.

me: so u gonna teach me how to do?
sarahkate: yea i'll help you do one

What?! Only one?!?! =.="

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lifehouse - Everything skit

If you have some free time check out dis video.. really touched my heart and im sure it will yours too :)

Well for those who are wondering who's dis Mervyn emo-girl fella... well that's him on the left...
Haha...sorry mervyn! :P

Sunday, October 21, 2007

To those who doubt my IQ...

Well i've had people questioned me about my IQ being 137... What? not happy issit now? I know i have a high IQ so just live with it! WOOHOO!! anyway... Here's some proof...

HA! Whatcha gotta say now?!

Okay okay i know there's nothing here...YET...

be patient people... i know u've seen my blog and think "What the...there's nothing here to read!!". Ok first i wanna point out that my title of the blog, which goes "The Best Is Yet To Come...", clearly states that... the best is YET to come :D Ok anyway the reason i've not updated anything here is because both of my camera men(Mervyn the emo-girl, and SOOtupid) havent send me pics which i asked them to capture for me using their camera phone... So just come back here in about 3 days time and i guarantee u will see some new interesting posts...

Friday, October 19, 2007


p.s. No I don't think cursing is cool..neither is it a way to try to be cool...