Friday, October 30, 2009

King of Pop

As you all know, the cute lil' young Michael Jackson...

Grew into a teenage boy...

And then he turned into a white guy...

Okay no, I'm just kidding here. But if u think about it, he did turn white!

And then. HE DIED.

Okay okay, what im getting at is this. Michael Jackson died just out of a sudden during one of his final rehearsals before the friggin big, come back concert. Tickets were all sold out like immediate after they were released. BUT, think about it, after he died, his CD sales had skyrocketed, and even his latest movie, "This Is It", is getting alot of attention.

Have you ever thought, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, his death was all just a scheme.


Michael never really did die. It was all just a set up to raise lotsa money for him cause, if i was not mistaken, he was gonna be bankcrupt? Correct me if im wrong here. Either way, it was a scheme to earn lotsa money after his downfall.

Every night i go to bed thinking, what if suddenly tomorrow, Michael just appears outta no where, and he ISN'T DEAD?!?! WOW. Now that'll be something wouldn't it.

Michael' go like "OH YEAH IM BACK!"

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Nicole Lam said...

you are lame! hahahah :)